Diamond Pine Ranch is now a premier facility that offers quality ground.  Horses can safely and comfortably practice for whatever discipline they have chosen. We have an ever-growing population of committed equine participants who need to stay at the top of their game all year round for performance at their best.  With the addition of our outdoor arena, we provide more opportunity for customers to work their young and older horses at a higher level of performance.

For those who enjoy trail riding, obstacles we have plenty of access. We are expanding 20 acres to include areas for practicing safety with your horses while out on trails by providing obstacles you might encounter.

Our outdoor arena is groomed at least twice a week and we are offering Tuesday and Thursday early evening riding for a haul in fee.  There are no lights so we will schedule from 4 pm till 8 pm.  Call ahead for riding please: 425-681-0142 or 509-723-8166.

"Diamond Pines Ranch is the place I want to be exploring the horse trails, climbing steep hills then splashing through streams all the while observing deer, eagles, turkeys and even a bear once."

~ Vicky
Looking for a place to ride? Contact De for additional information. 425-681-0142

"She cares tremendously about horses and encourages growth for both rider and horse. The facilities are always clean and well kept. She is straightforward with her expectations but also welcome to suggestions." ~ Amber